Recent Safum Free VPN reviews : Page 459

  • 16.7.2015

    I don’t usually leave reviews, but I truly do love this vpn. I’ve tried BetterNet, Hola, and now Dot, and it is by far my favourite. Yes, it does slow down my computer a little, but it’s not too much, the others were much slower. You get so many more options, such as changing the country, adblocking, etc. It might be a bit faster because I’m on the 7 day free trial, but I like it enough that it might be worth it to pay monthly! Depending on the price of course.

  • 9.7.2015

    This service is wonderful and beautiful. I don’t know anyother VPN services cheaper than this, convenient than this!

  • 8.6.2015

    Спасибо разрабам. Все работает. В бесплатной версии режут скорость, но для сёрфинга в интеренете хватает.