Recent Safum Free VPN reviews : Page 782

  • 14.9.2015

    10 numara chrome eklentisi icin dotVPN en hızlı calışan ve chrome yi kasmayan eklenti gerisi hikaye kullanın memnun kalıcaksınız arkadaşlar

  • 14.9.2015

    Works well! Unlimited usage and quick updates to fix things that are broken! The free is capped but isn’t that slow, very usable still. Highly recommend to anyone who needs a free, quick vpn.

  • 6.9.2015

    I’m from Iran and here we had to use proxy for access the whole web. This app is bloody great for us.

  • 28.8.2015

    Exactly what I was looking for. Not a full system VPN but a client based VPN. Speed tests from multiple exit nodes put it as fast as my ISP will allow (Time Warner) so I have no complaints at all. Buying a full year in advance also saved me a ton.

  • 28.7.2015

    Works good so far. Finally I am able to listen to Pandora overseas. Provides unlimited stream, not the fastest but good enough for my needs. Thanks

  • 16.7.2015

    I don’t usually leave reviews, but I truly do love this vpn. I’ve tried BetterNet, Hola, and now Dot, and it is by far my favourite. Yes, it does slow down my computer a little, but it’s not too much, the others were much slower. You get so many more options, such as changing the country, adblocking, etc. It might be a bit faster because I’m on the 7 day free trial, but I like it enough that it might be worth it to pay monthly! Depending on the price of course.

  • 9.7.2015

    This service is wonderful and beautiful. I don’t know anyother VPN services cheaper than this, convenient than this!

  • 8.6.2015

    Спасибо разрабам. Все работает. В бесплатной версии режут скорость, но для сёрфинга в интеренете хватает.

  • 6.4.2015

    откинулся внезапно, надеюсь починят, лучший впн просто it just broke for no reason, it was the best I ever used, I hope you’ll fix it